Gemma Correll’s Mindfulness Collaboration with Larabar

At LÄRABAR we put mindfulness at the heart of everything that we do. From using just a few, simple ingredients in our delicious bars to our previous collaborations with Wanderlust, Happy Place and Live Well, our ‘Less is Moreish’ ethos aims to help people to easily live more mindful lives.

This September, we have partnered with illustrator Gemma Correll, who through her humorous and witty cartoons expresses her own struggles with everyday pressures and leading a more mindful life, aims to normalise these kinds of conversations and inspire her followers to live more in the moment. 

Gemma’s character and spirit aligns perfectly with LÄRABAR’s purpose of helping people to embrace more mindful lives which is why we have worked together to create a range of top tips to help people implement mindful moments into their everyday routines.

Gemma Correll’s Mindfulness Tips

Mindfulness Tip 1: Love and giggles

1. Research shows that telling someone you love them tops the list of things that make us ‘feel good’, with watching loved ones get the giggles coming a close second. You should never feel too busy to phone a loved one – whether it’s someone you haven’t spoken to in a while or somebody you speak to frequently, let them know you’re thinking of them, as even a short conversation can make all the difference to both of your minds. Even though I am an introvert, social contact with close friends and family is an essential part of every day for me.


Mindfulness Tip 2: Put your phone away

2. Nearly a quarter of us find that we are constantly distracted by outside sources and so find it hard to live and enjoy the moment we are in (yep, that’s me). Putting your phone away or turning it off for at least an hour a day to help you feel more relaxed and engaged in the tasks that mean something to you. I sometimes just hide my phone or let it run out of battery so that I can’t get distracted by it.


Mindfulness Tip 3: Me-Time

3. It’s hard to stick to the ‘me-time’ we have planned, especially with the distractions of modern life, and so few of us give our minds and bodies the rest that they deserve after tackling each day.

When you make a plan for some ‘me-time’ make sure you try to stick to it – even a 5 minute break with a cup of tea or a stroll around the block can do a world of good. My favourite thing is taking a walk with my dogs and grabbing a cup of coffee. Dogs live in the moment so they’re a great example!


Mindfulness Tip 4: Do something to make you smile

4. So many of us are caught up in feeling anxious around what the future holds or dwelling on events that happened in our past, that it can hold us back from enjoying the present (I certainly do). It’s so important that we all try to do something that makes us smile every day; a spot of gardening (for those of us who don’t kill houseplants just by looking at them… like me), drawing a quick doodle or baking (and eating!) a cupcake can really help relax the mind and soul.


Mindfulness Tip 5: Nourish your body

5. Mindfulness isn’t only about relaxing your mind, but also about nourishing your body to make for an all-round spiritually sound person. Taking the time to eat well is so vital, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. LÄRABAR’s are the ideal mindful snack, with no more than 6 ingredients you know exactly what is going into your body and can help you to lead a better and more nutritional life. Plus, they’re delicious.

*Research conducted by LÄRABAR for a national survey of 2,500 UK consumers, revealing the mindful habits and desires of UK consumers’ beneath the mindfulness tips.

The Well Being Podcast

Your Wellbeing Podcast

LÄRABAR has also become the official sponsor of Mind Body Spirit’s ‘Your Wellbeing Podcast’, which will welcome mindfulness and wellbeing experts to its lineup of guests throughout September.

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Gemma Correll’s Artwork

Adrienne Burke, Marketing Manager “Mindfulness is at the heart of everything that LÄRABAR stands for and it is really interesting to see that our research has uncovered that it’s the simple things that really make us feel great. Living in the moment truly is good for the soul and making mindful choices in modern life can instantly make you feel better, which is why we want to inspire the nation and make it easier to live more intentional lives by helping people to eat clean, get active and be present knowing that every choice, big or small matters.”